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The RamArch system can be used in both repair and new construction of tunnels, arches, shafts, headings and bridges.

The RamArch system’s steel mesh panels can be produced to virtually any radius, and with no upper limit, can overcome problems in even the largest of tunnels, shafts etc. The panels can also be produced to include any variable radii unique to the clients needs.

How is RamArch manufactured?

The basis of the RamArch system is a panel of steel Weldmesh which is formed into the required shape and radius by our purpose built machines.

All the steel mesh used within the RamArch system is produced to BS 4483:2005 and with the option to be galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 giving approximately 120 years lifespan.

How is RamArch installed?

One setting ring of RamArch will usually contain several panels and the fastest method of installation is to use an Arch setter. SEE VIDEO

The Arch Setter can be made to attach onto most road-railer vehicles, forklifts etc and can be used for both the build up of the arch segments and the fastening of the whole setting to the roof of the tunnel, bridge or viaduct.

Once the Ramarch has been secured into position, it then serves as a full coverage protection against loose and falling materials including bricks and stone.

The setting rings can then be left as a primary supporting structure or can be sprayed with shotcrete to provide additional support.