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RamPad is a rapid foundation for lightweight structures. A strong & durable system that is easily transportable, safe & simple to install in any weather. Because of its unique design the RamPad requires minimum on-site operation and equipment and can easily be manhandle into position. RamPad when galvanised has a life span of approximately 120 years. It can be used as a foundation for light weight lighting columns, speed signs, control units, level crossing structures of any lightweight steel or GRP structures just to name a few. The base is a man-handleable cage incorporating facilities for attaching the superstructure unit therefore does not require RRV plant. The size is such that it does not interfere with the “tamping” of the track ballast, buried services can pass through it without a problem and incoming cable ducts can be fixed within the steel mesh matrix.

Instant superstructure loadings can be tolerated due to lack of wet trades (such as concrete which needs to gain strength beforehand). This innovation is inexpensive and meets with the governments drive initiative to drive down infrastructure costs.

The system when filled with recycled material is 98% recycled lowering the carbon footprint. All steel components are manufactured to British Standards, CARES approved and galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.